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July 29, 2011
  Japan-America Society of Dallas/Fort Worth met the executive members of Tohoku Japan-America Association
  Anna McFarland and Judith A. Becker visited Sendai City, which is the sister city of Dallas, on July 6th and Tohoku Japan-America Association expressed their hearty appriciation for the disaster relief contributions made by NAJAS Member Societies.
April 1, 2011
  Tohoku America-Japan Society President sends thanks to JAS for tsunami relief efforts
  Peter Kelley met last week in Tokyo with Takashi Watanabe of the National Association of America-Japan Societies and Shogo Kamei, President of the Tohoku Japan-America Association.
  Kamei-san said that his immediate family was safe. His businesses had suffered the loss of four employees and four employees were still missing. He said that he feared the final death toll would be 40,000, when all are accounted for. Utilities in the form of electricity and water had been restored in Sendai, but supplies of automobile gasoline were still limited, causing long lines, and the Tohoku Shinkansen service had not resumed. He felt that impact on business and employment from electricity and parts shortages, as well as damage to assets, would be considerable. In addition to logistics, he also felt that the psychological impact on the region was a looming issue, given the enormous losses so many have suffered. Kamei-san expressed the gratitude of the area and the nation to the US military for providing direct relief and to the Japan-America Societies for your fund-raising. He said that, in addition to these, continuing good will is the most important gift to Japan at this point. NAJAS has invited president Kamei to the annual meeting this August and we hope that he will be able to attend, along with Watanabe-san.
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