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Transportation in Japan
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Stefan Schauwecker produces this outstanding site which functions both as a well-organized searchable directory of internet resources as well as a repository of original information about Japan. The Guide is broken up into 16 general categories such as Arts and Crafts, History, Language and Politics; each category is further subdivided into subcategory listings. The Transportation section of the site offers information on how to get around, costs, discounts, and additional transportation-related pages. Also includes information categorized by region.



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Your first stop on a journey to ancient tradition to modern cities to colorful events to exquisite cuisine to breathtaking scenery to Japan! The Japan National Tourist Organization is one of Japan's primary tourist promoters. With 13 regional offices around the world, it provides many places with brochures, videos, and tours. Their website features tourist sites located all over Japan, with the option to browse these sites by destination, map, or interests. The Transportation section contains links on ticketing, airlines, automobiles, and railways.

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Japan Railways Group - more commonly known simply as JR - operates a large proportion of intercity rail service (including the Shinkansen high-speed rail lines) and commuter rail service in Japan. JR East, JR Central, JR West, JR Hokkaido, JR Shikoku and JR Kyushu


Japan Hotels Online

Sponsored by The Nippon Foundation, this family-friendly website provides background information on all major forms of transportation in Japan.

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