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Travel to Japan

  Here are some very useful links for traveling, studying and living in Japan. Every year, more and more people travel to Japan from North America, close to 800,000 in 2003*. The Japanese government and many travel and hospitality organizations are in the midst of a multi-year drive to increase the number of visitors to Japan. Watch for special promotional offers from the travel and hospitality sectors. Yokoso! JAPAN
  *Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO)  

  This section contains links to information about the various modes of transport to, from, and within Japan.  

  Passport & Tourism Information   
  This section contains links to helpful information about passports, visas, and tourism in Japan.  

  Travel Guides    
  This section contains links to informational sites, tourist organizations, and many other links helpful for planning your trip to Japan.  

  Hotels & Ryokan    
  This section contains links to accomodation options in Japan.  



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