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Hotels & Ryokan

Comprehensive guide to accommodations in Japan. Allows users to browse hotels in every area of Japan, view pictures, and make reservations. Includes resorts, onsen (hot spring baths), business hotels, ryokan (traditional Japanese inns), etc. There are even discounts available for some hotels.



Japan Hotels Online

In addition to information about hotels, ryokan, and onsen, this site also offers real-time reservations. The sidebar provides general tourism information links. Also included are ratings of private onsens and hotels exclusively picked by the site. Sponsered by Kinki Nippon Tourist.



Asia Rooms - Japan

This site includes everything you need to plan your trip to Japan; easily search for hotels, flights, package deals, and discounts on this site. Read reviews from previous visitors, buy travel insurance, or check on the status of your current booking.

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Japan National Tourist Organization Logo

Your first stop on a journey to ancient tradition to modern cities to colorful events to exquisite cuisine to breathtaking scenery to Japan! The Japan National Tourist Organization is one of Japan's primary tourist promoters. With 13 regional offices around the world, it provides many places with brochures, videos, and tours. Their website features tourist sites located all over Japan, with the option to browse these sites by destination, map, or interests. It also offers help finding hotels and travel accomodations.

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