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Japanese Public Corporations
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Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Group - or NTT - is the foremost telecommunications group in Japan. Once a public corporation, it was privatized in 1985 to break up its monopoly on the market and encourage competition. Today, 43% of NTT is owned by the state.

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Incorporated in 1949 as the Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Corporation, Japan Tobacco (JT) was a state monopoly until 1985, when it was made public. Today, it dominates the Japanese tobacco market with more than two-thirds of the market share. Government share is presently 50%, and the company has diversified into food, pharmaceuticals, and other products and services. The international branch of the compay, JTI, handles the sale of Camel, Winston, and Salem cigarette brands outside of the United States.

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Japan Post was a public corporation in Japan, that existed from 2003-2007, offering postal and package delivery services, banking services, and life insurance. It had over 400,000 employees and ran 24,700 post offices throughout Japan and was the nation's largest employer. One-third of all Japanese government employees worked for Japan Post. As of 2005, the president of the company was Masaharu Ikuta, formerly chairman of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd. Japan Post ran the world's largest postal savings system and was often said to be the largest holder of personal savings in the world. On October 1, 2007 Japan Post was privatized following fierce political debate that was settled by the 2005 general election. After the privatization, the Japan Post Group now operates the postal business.

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