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Japanese Political Parties
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Lead by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, Japan's Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is the largest party in Japan with 292 members (60.8%) in the House of Representatives and 112 members (46.3%) in the House of Councillors. From 1955-1993, the LDP enjoyed nearly 4 decades in power until it succumbed to the burst of the bubble economy and various scandals to loose its majority. In the mid-90s, LDP once again returned to power and in the last general election (2005), once again received a mandate.



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The Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) was created in 1998, when politicians from a number of opposition parties came together with the aim of establishing an opposition force capable of taking power from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Today, DPJ is the main opposition party with 113 members (23.5%) in the House of Representatives and 82 members (33.9) in the House of Councillors. In contrast to the LDP, the DPJ is a party dominated by young professionals, including bureaucrats, lawyers, doctors, aid workers, bankers, and journalists. Following a strong showing in the 2003 general election and the 2004 House of Councillors election the DPJ suffered a setback in the general election of September 2005.



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The New Komeito Party is an environmental party that is part of a conservative coalition government along with the LDP. It currently has 31 members (6.5%) in the House of Representatives and 24 members (9.9%) in the House of Councillors. New Komeito's mission is 'people-centered politics',or "a politics based on a humanitarianism that treats human life with the utmost respect and care."




Other political parties include: the Japanese Communist Party (JCP), the Social Democratic Party (SDP)(Japanese), and New Party Nippon (Japanese).



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