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Language Resources


  Japanese-English Dictionaries

Jim Breen's J-E Dictionary



This site has a very good online dictionary maintained by Jim Breen with basic Japanese-English dictionary features as well as a useful kanji dictionary (by radical).  You can also search through a number of dictionaries to find the right word. A feature to check out is the Ketai (cell phone) interface that allows you to look up Japanese words on the go!






This site is not only a dictionary, but it also translates web pages into Japanese, Chinese, and Korean using pop-up hints. When a block of text or a word is entered into the dictionary box, the translation appears almost instantly below it!



Steve Trussel's J-E Dictionary



Maintained by Steve Trussel, this English-Japanese dictionary is a decent way to look up Japanese words; the responses come in romanji, kanji, kana. However, only romanji works for the Japanese-English feature.




Nihongo Resources


Easy-to-use Japanese-English dictionary that allows you to use kana to search for English translations.  You can also click on the resulting kanji and a pop-up window will appear that gives you more information on the character.




Kanji Dictionary


Kanji dictionaries can be great tools for those who know their way around the language, so beginners, beware.  This kanji dictionary could be a big help or very confusing depending on your level of Japanese.




Japanese Kanji Dictionary


A new kanji dictionary with grades 1-8 worth checking out complete with audio files- though the audio files are not available for every word, there is a substantial amount..



  Study Aids
  Web Japanese
    An interactive study site for Japanese learners. Complete listening excercises, practice kanji, view a photo dictionary, and read blogs by other Japanese-language students.
  Kanji no Tadashii Kakijun ("The Right Way to Write Kanji")
    Enter kanji into the search box, and the correct stroke order will be displayed in Flash-like animation! Please note: only one kanji can be entered at a time. This site is only in Japanese.
  JLPT Kanji Project
    A great resource to aid the learning of kanji. Browse and study all kanji by level, save kanji you have already learned, and search for words in the online dictionary.
  Kansai-ben: Kansai Dialect Self-Study Site
    Includes the history of the Kansai dialect, as well as expressions, basic grammar, learning excercises, and more.



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