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Japanese Consumer Groups

Japan Consumer Co-operative Union (JCCU), established in 1951, is a unique consumer group in Japan offering retail, medical, and housing & insurance co-operatives. JCCU's retail division, Co-op, is the 3rd largest retailer in Japan with 30% of all Japanese households belonging to a Co-op. JCCU boasts almost 22 million members and its brand is the largest in Japan, accounting for 5% of all food retail sales. Its mission is to create "a more human lifestyle and sustainable society through the concerted efforts of individual citizens."

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Established in 1970, the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan investigates consumer inquiries, publishes product testing information, and is a public advocate for consumer affairs. They also provide a bimonthly letter on their website about Japanese consumer affairs in English.

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Established in 1948, Chifuren, or the League of Regional Women's Organizations, is a group focused on environmental problems that conducts research on various products and publishes the information for consumers.




Shodanren, or the Consumers Federation of Japan, is a liaison organization for fourteen of the biggest consumer groups and offers consumer product information as well as information on legal issues.




Shokaren, or The Consumption Science Federation, has a mission "to enlighten all the consumers to carry on healthier consumption life, and to promote consumerism from scientific viewpoints."




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