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Everyday Life in Japan

Stefan Schauwecker produces this outstanding site which functions both as a well-organized searchable directory of internet resources as well as a repository of original information about Japan. The Guide is broken up into 16 general categories such as Arts and Crafts, History, Language and Politics; each category is further subdivided into subcategory listings. The section titled "Living in Japan" provides basic information on taxes, banking, food, holidays, and other everyday issues.




This site is an interactive guide to living in Japan. The information is primarily about the city of Sayama, a prefecture of Saitama and greater Tokyo area. However, it also has plenty of information for people living anywhere in Japan.




Photopass Japan is a collection of pictures of everyday life in Japan. Photos are sorted by city and theme, and the most famous places are put in special sections. A useful site for those about to travel to Japan and want to familiarize themselves with certain areas.





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