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The Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC) is the cultural and public affairs section of the Embassy of Japan in Washington D.C. to promote better understanding of Japan and Japanese culture by providing a wide range of information, educational services and programs to the American public.




This travel site includes packages for cultural programs, tours, and accommodations for English speakers visiting Japan. Specials include fishing in Okinawa, cycling tours in Kyoto, climbing Mt. Fuji, and many others.

English - 日本語



A highly interactive learning site geared towards children. Kids Web Japan provides easy-to-follow information on everything about Japan, including technology, the language, recipes, sports, and much more.

English - 日本語 - 中文



Photopass Japan is a collection of pictures of everyday life in Japan. Photos are sorted by city and theme, and the most famous places are put in special sections. A useful site for those about to travel to Japan and want to familiarize themselves with certain areas.





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