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2004-2005 Past Japan-America Society Information

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- Japan America Society of Southern California -

Revitalizing Mitsubishi with guest speaker Richard Gilligan, President and CEO, Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc.
December 5, 2005 in Torrance, CA
Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) is a quintessential "Japan-America" company, utilising an established tradition of engineering and design excellence from Japan, but manufacturing and marketing vehicles specifically for the North American marketplace. Rich Gilligan has brought six years of experience running Mitsubishi's North American manufacturing operations and a long career in Manufacturing management at Ford Motor Company, to the MMNA Corporate headquarters in Cypress. What has changed during his tenure in California and how is it working?... more

- NAJAS & The Japan-America Society of Washington, DC -

December 7, 2005 in Washington, DC
Sponsored by: NAJAS, The Japan-America Society of Washington, Inc. and Keidanren

ith the impending release of the movie Memoirs of a Geisha, it is more timely than ever to note that despite - and because of - centuries of East-West interaction, “Orientalized” stereotypes of Asians in Western literature, stage, and screen remain pervasive. They color our East-West relations and relationships. The power of such images affects foreign policy, business negotiations and cross-cultural interactions in ways we don’t always recognize. Author Sheridan Prasso will lay out the thesis of her new book, The Asian Mystique: Dragon Ladies, Geisha Girls and Our Fantasies of the Exotic Orient and how these themes relate to the context of Japan and Korea today... more

- The Japan-America Society of Washington, DC -

18th Annual Public Affairs Dinner & Silent Auction
with Guest Speaker The Honorable Howard H. Baker, Jr.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005 from 5:30 pm
For seat or table prices, please call The Japan-America Society of Washington, Inc. at 202-833-2210... more

- Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia -

Art, Culture and Gardens of Japan Tour
October 30 through November 7, 2005. Visits to Tokyo, Kamakura, Kyoto, Himeji, Okayama, Kurashiki, with an optional extension to Kanazawa (through November 9)
Join us for this unique, exclusive trip to experience the sights and wonders of Japan. Visit private gardens and homes, tour limited-access gardens of the Imperial Palace, see the Great Buddha in Kamakura, meet with Diet members in Tokyo, experience the elegant beauty of the Japanese tea ceremony, view private art collections, and revel in the calming splendor of Kyoto's temples and gardens. Luxurious accommodations and exclusive dining experiences will let you sample the best Japan has to offer. The tour will be led by Paul Meyer, Director of the Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania, in collaboration with the Japan Cherry Blossom Association... more

- Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana -

Wakyo (Harmonic Vibrations) - Japanese Music Concert:
Friday, November 4 & Saturday, November 5, 2005.
The Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana, in partnership with The Neurosciences Institute, the Autonomous University of Baja California in Tijuana, and Miura Education Center, is proud to present a special musical presentation. Wakyo (Harmonic Vibrations) features the musical instruments that define traditional Japan, the koto and shakuhachi, as well as the contemporary combination with guitar and the communal embrace of these instruments through song and dance... more

- The Japan Society of Northern California -

Centennial Award of Honor Gala
Honoring Mr. Tatsuro Toyoda, Senior Advisor to the Board of Toyota Motor Corp and Mr. Scott Cook, Founder and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Intuit Hyatt
Regency San Francisco Airport

Saturday, October 29, 2005
A century ago, a group of forward-thinking innovators gathered to launch a forum dedicated to strengthening cooperation and understanding between the peoples of the United States and Japan. Today, the Japan Society of Northern California is the West Coast's leading forum on Japan and US-Japan relations... more


- Japan Society of New York -

Meet the Author of Kamishibai Man
October 27, 2005 6:30-8 pm
Author and illustrator Allen Say, a Caldecott Medalist, discusses his most recently published children's book, Kamishibai Man. Using two very different yet remarkable styles of art, Allen Say tells a tale within a tale, transporting readers seamlessly to the Japan of his memories: a heart-warming story about the kamishibai man who used to ride his bicycle into town where he would tell stories to the children and sell them candy. But fewer kids came running at the sound of his clappers; they were watching their new televisions instead. And when the kamishibai man pedals into town to tell one more story, his own, he finds himself being surrounded by familiar faces - the children he used to entertain have returned, all grown up and more eager than ever to listen to his delightful tales.

Mr. Say published his first book, Dr. Smith's Safari, in 1972 and has written and illustrated many critically acclaimed books since then, including Grandfather's Journey (winner of the 1994 Caldecott Medal), The Inn-Keeper's Apprentice (1979), The Boy of the Three-Year Nap (1988), Tea with Milk (1999) and Music for Alice (2004)... more

- Japan-America Society of Tennessee -

29th Annual Joint Meeting of the Japan-U.S. Southeast and the SEUS/Japan Associations
October 16-18, 2005 in Tokyo, Japan
Delegates from seven member states, including Tennessee, will meet with business executives and government officials from Japan to discuss topics related to investment, trade and corporate opportunities. Tennessee's delegation will be led by Governor Phil Bredesen. Conference hotel will be the New Otani Tokyo Hotel; registration and hotel reservations for Tennessee's delegation will be handled through the Japan-America Society of Tennessee...more

- Japan-America Society of Arkansas -

Japanese snack and US-Japan relationship, presented by Oyatsu Company of Japan
Tuesday, October 4 , 2005- Thursday, October 6
Try the most popular snack in Japan, "Babystar," and enjoy the lecture about US-Japan relationships by Mr. Mazda, the president and CEO at Oyatsu Company.

- Japan America Society of Southern California -

Southern California's Largest Kite Event!
Sunday, September 25, 2005 11:00am - Sunset
In just four years, the Japan America Society's annual JAPAN AMERICA KITE FESTIVALSM has become the largest kite festival in Southern California! It attracts over 5,000 people of all ages and has developed an international reputation as the "most family-friendly kiting event worldwide." Join the fun this year with your family and friends to enjoy Japanese and international kites of all sizes, shapes and colors. Free "Sode" Kimono Kite Workshop for every child! Plus Japanese food booths, huge 50' x 100' kites, Taiko drum performances, raffle prizes, kite "Candy Drops," stunt & synchronized "Ballet" kite flying demonstrations, and much more. Admission is free. ... more

- Japan/America Society of Kentucky -

Seminar: Japan Basics - Language, Culture and Practices to Facilitate Understanding
August 17, 2005 8:30 am-noon
Improve your understanding of Japanese colleagues, associates and customers; learn basic phrases and accompanying body language, business etiquette, and how they work in Japan; and understand how Japan's history continues to influence Japanese society today... more

- Japan America Society of Colorado -

Japan Discussion Series in August: 60th Anniversary of the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
August 7, 2005 6:30 pm-8:30 pm
This August marks the 60th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. August's Discussion Series will include people affected by the atomic bomb in Japan and American veterans of World War II... more

- Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia -

6th Annual Philadelphia-Japan Health Sciences Dialogue
June 18, 2005 in Philadelphia, PA
Young biotechnology companies on both sides of the Pacific are often daunted by the prospect of expanding internationally, especially American companies thinking about expansion in Asia, and Japanese companies considering expansion into North America and Europe. Their first thoughts turn to partnership opportunities rather than doing it entirely on their own. While partnerships promise a lower near-term risk, the rewards of a successful "go it alone" strategy can far outweigh the alternatives. This program addresses some of the key issues arising in pursuit of such a strategy...more

- Japan America Society of Southern California -

"Coach of the Century" Rod Dedeaux and Coach Renzo Ishii
May 11, 2005 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA
JAS Southern California is presenting its 96th Anniversary Dinner & Gala Celebration on the playing field at Dodger Stadium. JASSC will honor American and Japanese College Baseball coaching legends, Rod Dedeaux and Renzo Ishii. Coaches Dedeaux and Ishii together founded the Japan-USA College Baseball Championship Series. For 33 years, this Series has strengthened the Japan-U.S. relationship through annual goodwill games played by All-Star college athletes from both countries...more

- Japan America Society of Northeast Ohio -

The Funny, Impressive, and the Ridiculous: Life & Business Differences between Japan and the USA
April 30, 2005 in University Heights, OH
Three panelists, all of whom have been doing business with American and Japanese companies for many years, would like to share their unexpected encounters, adventures, and other interesting and educational experiences. These panelists include Brent R. Donher, Ph.D, Technology Manager, The Lubrizol Co., Masaharu Miki, Merrill Lynch; President of JANO, and Robert A. Shick, Ph.D, Director of Techonlogy, Promerus...more

- Japan America Society of Minnesota -

Harukaze: Spring Festival of Arts
April 23, 2005 in Minneapolis, MN
JASM presents father-son shamisen duo Nitta Oyako in concert at Macalester College on Saturday, April 23rd. This is the highlight of the 2005 Harukaze Japanese Festival of Arts, a celebration of both traditional and contemporary Japanese arts. Jazz guitarist Dean Magraw, bassist Jim Anton, and percussionist JT Bates will join Masahiro Nitta for an improvisational set. Twin Cities taiko drum troupe Mu Daiko will open the concert... more

For other venues on the Nitta Oyako tour, please visit

For information about the tour itself, please visit .

- Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia -


April 1-16, 2005 in the Greater Philadelphia Area
This year's 2005 Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater Philadelphia has expanded to two weeks of events across the region and offers dozens of chances to explore Japanese style and culture, from delicious cuisine and delicate craft to traditional customs and awe-inspiring performances. The centerpiece of this year's Festival is Sakura Sunday on April 10 at the Horticulture Center in Fairmount Park. Named for the Japanese word for cherry blossom, Sakura Sunday will feature drumming and dance performances, martial arts, origami, shiatsu, kite making demonstrations, a tea ceremony, and tours of the 16th century style Shofuso Japanese House and Garden. New for 2005 are a stylish Sake Tasting Festival at Loews Philadelphia and a week of mid-day events at the Liberty Place rotunda. A Sushi Spectacular at Roy's Philadelphia will feature some of Japan's most renowned master sushi chefs preparing ornate sushi creations. Performances by Tamagawa Taiko will feature thunderous taiko drumming and traditional Japanese dance... more

- The Japan-America Society of Washington, DC -

44th Annual Sakura Matsuri: Japanese Street Festival
April 9, 2005 in Washignton, DC
Don't miss one of the largest Japanese festivals in the nation! Annual highlights include performing arts; a martial arts demonstration area; Taste of Japan supported by Sapporo and The Coca-Cola Company; an educational arts & crafts area featuring hands-on workshops and crafts sponsored by Target; the exciting Ginza Arcade with the ever popular Japanese Candy Store and much, much more!... more

- The Japan-America Society of Washington, DC -

The 13th Annual National Japan Bowl
March 26, 2005 in Washignton, DC
The National Japan Bowl, an annual competition for high school students from across the country, tests them on proficiency in written and spoken Japanese as well as general knowledge of Japanese politics, culture, history, and current events. Approximately 400 students and teachers take part in this fun, exciting and challenging event... more

- Japan-America Society of the State of Washington -


Bob Bavasi, Japan Baseball 2005:
New Teams, New Owners, New Era

March 22, 2005 in Seattle, WA
Japanese baseball fans will notice big changes as the 2005 season begins. Two new teams, both in the Pacific League, make their debut: the Orix Buffaloes (formed by the merging of the Kobe-based Orix BlueWave and the Osaka-based Kintetsu Buffaloes) and the new team in Sendai, the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, also the first totally new franchise in the past 50 years. The new teams make three new teams in the past two years, joining the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters, which moved from Tokyo to Sapporo prior to the 2004 season.
New team owners include the Golden Eagles, owned by the internet shopping mall concern, Rakuten, and the Fukuoka Hawks, owned by the high tech/software concern, SoftBank (and to be known as the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks), which bought the team from the debt-ridden retail giant Daiei Inc. Both Rakuten and SoftBank are run by much younger individuals than is the norm - the Golden Eagles' Hiroshi Mikitani (39) and the Hawks' Masayoshi Son (46) - and both are the first owners to emerge from "new economy" companies. In addition, the playing field in Fukuoka will now be known as Fukuoka Yahoo Dome, the second stadium to bear the Yahoo Japan name. And, another first is the hiring of the first American General Manager, Marty Kuehnert, by the Golden Eagles.
aking us on this tour of Japanese baseball will be Bob Bavasi, an attorney and longtime minor league club owner, with well-established business relationships throughout MLB and Minor League Baseball. In addition, as head of, Bob operates a tour of Japan every year that takes in both baseball games and culture. As Bavasi puts it to prospective tour members, come explore how the Japanese have taken baseball, put their own spin on it, and how you can enjoy it and their culture... more

- Japan-America Society of Kentucky -

Working Effectively with Mexican Colleagues
March 1 & 2, 2005 in Lexington, KY
Recently, many Japanese firms in the U.S., particularly in the automotive industry, have expanded their operations in Mexico, which requires U.S. based staff (both Japanese and Americans) to interact closely with colleagues in Mexico. This course provides insight into the Mexican culture that is essential for establishing productive working relationships. As part of the course, we do a three-way compare and contrast of Mexican, Japanese and U.S. culture... more

- Japan-America Society of Southern California -

February 22, 2005 in Los Angeles,California
Entry Deadline - February17, 2005

Toyota Motor Sales USA has generously donated a 2005 Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle for an Opportunity Drawing benefiting the Japan America Society of Southern California. Only 2005 tickets will be sold! This is your chance to win one of the most popular vehicles on the road and Motor Trend 's "Car of the Year." Support the Society by purchasing your chance to win today!... more

*Void where prohibited by law

- The Japan-America Society of Washington, DC -

17th Annual Public Affairs Dinner & Silent Auction
with Guest Speaker Taizo Nishimuro

February 2, 2005 in Washignton, DC
The Japan-America Society of Washington, DC will hold the 17th Annual Public Affiars Dinner & Silent Auction with a guest speaker Taizo Nishimuro, Chairman of Japan-US Business Council, Vice Chairman of Nippon Keidanren, and Chairman of Toshiba Corporation... more

- The Japan-America Societies of Texas -


16th Annual Japanese Language Speech Contest
January 22, 2005 in Austin, Texas
Entry Deadline - December 17, 2004
The contest is open to students of the Japanese language in Texas who are not Japanese, who have not lived in Japan for more than a total of two years within the past five years, whose first language is not Japanese, and who do not speak Japanese in the home. There are four divisions - College Students & Adults, High School Students, Junior High School Students, and Elementary School Students. There will be a limit of 40 participants per division, and applications will be accepted in the order received. Entry deadline is December 17... more

- The Japan America Society of Georgia -

Niigata Earthquake Relief Fund
December 4, 2004
As you doubtlessly have heard, recent earthquakes have had devastating effects on Niigata, Japan. In response to this desperate situation, several Japan-related organizations including the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Georgia, the Japan-American Society of Georgia, and the Georgia Japanese language school have established a relief fund for the earthquake-stricken cities in Niigata... more

- The Japan America Society of Chicago -

Anime Sound and Vision 2004
November 19-20, 2004 in Chicago, Illinois
Come and see the poeple behind the scenes of Japanese anime production. A unique opportunity for attendants to meet director Mr. Hiroaki Inoue, who has been involved in many facets of Japanese animation. The sword fighting specialist behind the movie "Kill Bill" will also be available. A variety of other workshops are also planned... more

- Japan America Society of Southern California -

SAVING the SUN - How Wall Street Mavericks Shook Up Japan's Financial World and Made Billions
November 19, 2004 in Los Angeles, California
Gillian Tett, a London-based author and former Japan Bureau Chief for the Financial Times, will discuss her book, Saving the Sun, which outlines how the Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan was sold to U.S.-based Ripplewood Holdings. This marked a major change in Japan, eliciting the concern of Japanese traditionalists. She will also discuss the powerful Japanese bureaucracy and the implications that this story has for Japan's changing political system and economy. The program will be begin with opening remarks by Tetsuo Shimura, Chairman of the Board, Union Bank of California/President, Japan Business Association of Southern California, and introductions by Frank B. Gibney President, Pacific Basin Institute at Pomona College... more

- The Japan-America Society of Dallas/Fort Worth -

English Language Essay Contest for Japanese People
November 1, 2004 in Dallas/Fort Worth Area, Texas
In honor of the 150th anniversary of U.S.-Japan relations, JASDFW will host an English Language Essay Contest for Japanese people residing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The contest is open to students from grade 4 through college, as well as to adults. Submission deadline is Friday, October 1, 2004. Please encourage your Japanese friends to participate... more

- NAJAS & the Japan Society of Boston -


Hello Kitty: The Remarkable Story of Sanrio and the Billion Dollar Feline Phenomenon
October 29, 2004 in Boston, Massachusetts
Hello Kitty is an unlikely success story. Launched 30 years ago with no fanfare, the cartoon cat has almost no story or media exposure. Yet with almost no advertising, the two dimensional cat now churns out half a billion in revenue and is sold in more than 40 countries. Ken Belson, co-author of Hello Kitty: The Remarkable Story of Sanrio and the Billion Dollar Feline Phenomenon, will explain how Hello Kitty grew into one of the most recognizable characters in the world... more

- Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania -

Japan and the U.S.: Managing Relations in a Time of Change
October 19, 2004 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania presents "Japan and the U.S.: Managing Relations in a Time Change," presentation by and discussion with Mr. Yukihiro Nikaido, Director of Japan Information Center and Deputy Consul General of Japan, New York, and Ms. Ayako Doi, former editor of the Japan Daily Digest and contirbuting editor of the Japan Automotive Digest...more

- Japan-America Society of Hawaii -

24th Biannual Japan Day
October 6, 2004 in Honolulu, Hawaii
On Wednesday, October 6, 2004, over 100 of Hawaii's high school students from Moanalua High School and Academy of the Pacific will experience the Society's 24th Biannual Japan Day at Hawaii Tokai International College. Japan Day is the Society's half-day cultural program which immerses students in Japanese culture by providing hands-on experience with traditional art forms through bonsai, ikebana, taiko, bon dance, calligraphy, soroban, kimono wearing, crafts and the tea ceremony. Over 40 community presenters offer their expertise and resources to help students expand their knowledge of Japan and the U.S.-Japan relationship through these cultural activities and complement the teachers' efforts in the classroom. Since its inception in 1993, over 4,200 students from 40 public and private high schools have experienced Japan Day...more

- The Japan America Society of Alabama -

Concert - Traditional Japanese Music
October 3, 2004 in Birmingham, Alabama
Enjoy the beautiful traditional music of Japan, played on the shakuhachi (vertical bamboo flute), Shamisen (3-stringed plucked lute), and koto (long stringed instrument resembling a zither). Join us for this extremely rare opportunity as a group of accomplished musicians make a one-time concert appearance in Alabama on their tour from Japan. Admission is free but tickets are needed... more

- The Japan-America Society of Washington, DC -

Aki Matsuri : A Japanese-Style Autumn Festival!
September 26, 2004 in Gaithersburg, Maryland
Presented by the Japan Commerce Association of Washington and the Japan-America Society with support from the Embassy of Japan. Join us for an evening of family fun to celebrate the coming of autumn. Enjoy Japanese food, traditional games and exciting entertainment. All registrants will be entered in drawing to win exciting prizes including Round Trip Air Tickets to Japan!...more

- The Japan-America Society of Georgia -

JapanFest 2004
September 25-26, 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia
With Taiko drum and dance performances, martial arts demonstrations, Bonsai experts, enlightening workshops, and great food, this annual two-day outdoor cultural festival is sure to have something every member of the family will enjoy. Come to Stone Mountain Park and experience Japan without the jetlag... more

- The Japan-America Society of Oregon -

Festival Japan 2004
September 18-19, 2004 in Beaverton, Oregon
Presented by the Japan-America Society of Oregon, Uwajimaya, Shokookai of Portland, Northwest Natural, and the Yuuyake Shimbun. Performances by taiko drumming groups, traditional Japanese dance troupes and other performers are scheduled throughout the day. Interspersed are demonstrations of Japanese culinary skills, exhibitions of martial arts and other cultural activities...more

- Japan-America Society of Indiana -

15th Annual Gulf Classic
September 12, 2004 in Indianapolis, Indiana
The Golf Classic is the largest tournament bringing together Japanese and American executives from throughout the state and beyond. A great day of fun, friendship and fabulous prizes, including Northwest Airlines World Business Class tickets to Japan!... more

- Japan-America Society of the State of Washington -

Nominoichi - Japanese Flea Market
September 11-12, 2004 in Bellevue, Washington
Nominoichi are held throughout Japan, mostly on the grounds of shrines and temples. Most are held on a Saturday, Sunday, or a specific date each month. Some of these are quite famous, and many people get up early to browse the hundreds of items displayed. Just looking is a lot of fun, and you are always looking for that special treasure that everyone else missed. There is a wide range of items for sale from expensive antiques to inexpensive souvenirs. Not knowing exactly what you will find makes it all the more fun and exciting... more

- The Japan America Society of Minnesota -

Nishimonai Bon Odori Performance & Workshops
August 22 & 24, 2004 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Next month 32 members of the Nishimonai Bon Odori Preservation Society, a folk dance and music ensemble from Akita Prefecture, will visit Minnesota to perform at the Como Park Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival. With support from the Consulate General of Japan at Chicago, JASM has organized a dance workshop and a drum workshop to make their unique folk tradition available to Minnesotans interested in the bon odori... more

- The Japan-America Society of Washington, DC -

Kabuki in Washington DC
July 28, 2004 in Washington, DC
In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the signing of the US-Japan Treaty of Peace and Amity, one of Japan's most important traditional performing arts is coming to American audiences in Washington, DC. The world renowned Kabuki actor Nakamura Kankuro and members of his troupe will be performing in Washington, DC at the Warner Theatre... .more

- The Japan-America Society of Georgia -

16th Annual Asian-Pacific Children's Conference in Fukuoka
July, 2004 in Fukuoka, Japan
The Japan-America Society of Georgia has been given the unique opportunity to participate in the 16th Annual Asian-Pacific Children's Conference. As Georgia's liaison office, we are able to share the culture of Japan with eight students (four boys and four girls) from the state of Georgia through this fully funded exchange program... more

- The Japan-America Society of Rhode Island -

21st Annual Black Ships Festival
July 14-18, 2004 in Newport, Rhode Island
The Japan-America Society of Rhode Island is pleased to present the 21st Annual Black Ships Festival. The festival is a celebration commemorating the establishment of friendly trade relations between the U.S. and Japan that began when Newport¹s own Commodore Matthew C. Perry secured the 1854 Treaty of Kanagawa 150 years ago... more

- The Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana -

Yokohama Photo Exhibition
July 10 - August 7, 2004 in San Diego, California
As part of the nationwide effort to commemorate the 150th anniversary of US-Japan Relations, the Japan Society's Education Council will host an exhibition of original photographs and artwork that trace the lives of early foreign settlers in Yokohama in the 1860s... more

- Japan America Society of Colorado -

32nd Annual Cherry Blossom Festival
June 26-27, 2004 in Denver, Colorado
Japan America Society of Colorado is proud to announce its participation in the 32nd Annual Cherry Blossom Festival. The festival has been an annual event since 1972, and is one of the oldest festivals in the Denver Metropolitan area... more

- The Japan Society of Northern California -

Geisha in San Francisco
June 22, 2004 in San Francisco, California
Two geisha from Kyoto - Umeha, a geisha, and Umechika, a maiko(apprentice) - will perform dances from the geisha repertory accompanied by their housemother on shamisen (a Japanese three-stringed banjo-like instrument). Canadian photographer and geisha specialist Peter MacIntosh will introduce the program with a lecture illustrated by his photographs of geisha living and working in Kyoto... more

- Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana -

Japan Trade Mission
May 8-15, 2004 in Japan
Asia Desk at San Diego World Trade Center (SDWTC), in partnership with BIOCOM, Japan Society of San Diego & Tijuana (JSSDT), and San Diego Telecom Council will lead a group of individuals, companies, and organizations to Japan to visit Tokyo, Yokohama and Kobe/Kansai with a focus on developing trade and commerce (products and services), exports, imports, investment, strategic alliances and partnerships in one of the world's fastest growing markets...more

- The Japan Society of Northern California -

Under the Political Radar: Japan's Quiet Transformation
May 10, 2004 in Berkeley, California
On the surface, Japan appears to have carried out few national, political changes to deal with its long-term economic problems. Yet, as our panelists will attest, Japan has been going through a series of less visible but potentially longer-lasting changes in a host of social areas... more

- Japan-America Society of the State of Washington -

2004 Annual Meeting Concludes Ambassadors Series
April 22, 2004 in Seattle, Washington
The Japan-America Society of the State of Washington's 2004 Annual Meeting features The Honorable Michael Armacost, former U.S. Ambassador to Japan from 1989 to 1993, as the keynote speaker. Ambassador Armacost's appearance at the April 22 meeting will conclude the Seattle Society's Ambassadors Anniversary Series celebrating the 150th Anniversary of U.S.-Japan relations and the 80th Anniversary year of its organization's founding... more

- Japan-America Society of Greater Philadelphia -

Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival
April 4-10, 2004 in the Greater Philadelphia area
From April 4-10, 2004 the Greater Philadelphia area will celebrate the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival, or Sakura Matsuri as it is known in Japanese. Japan has been celebrating the beauty of the elegant pink cherry blossoms for hundreds of years with picnics under the trees and traditional music and dance performances... more

- The Japan-America Society of Washington, DC -

43rd Annual Sakura Matsuri
April 3, 2004 in Washington, DC
The Sakura Matsuri brings alive the traditions and arts of Japan, allowing the audience to experience a wide array of Japanese dance, music, martial arts and street festival... more


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