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National Forum Series: Japan in the 21st Century


Minneapolis, Cincinnati & Indianapolis Series


Masataka OKANO, Counselor of Political Affairs, Embassy of Japan, Masayoshi YAMASHITA, NTT, Chief Corporate, William FARRELL, Dynamic Strategies Asia, Chairman, Atsushi YAMAKOSHI, Keidanren, Director, spoke at several venues. The general theme of the programs was: "Looking Ahead: Japan-China-U.S., East Asia's Political and Economic Future."

Tensions in Korea and Burma, the rising influence of China, changing international trade patterns as well as domestic political dynamics in Japan have a profound impact on that nation's interaction in East Asia. With half the world's population, one-third of the global economy and growing economic and financial strength in the international system, Asia is key to a stable, prosperous world. The U.S.- Japan bilateral alliance has been East Asia's security structure, benefiting Japan, the United States, and the region. However, what worked in the past may not serve us well in the future.

  Program Dates: October 17 - October 19, 2007  
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