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National Forum Series: Japan in the 21st Century


San Diego & Los Angeles Series

  In Feb-March 2007, Masafumi Ishii, Minister of Political Affairs at the Embassy of Japan, Atsushi Yamakoshi, Director of Keidanren-USA, and Kazuyoshi Moriguchi, Director of Canon USA's corporate planning division spoke to audiences in both San Diego and Los Angeles. Valerie Ploumpis, Associate Directore of Keidanren-USA served as moderator.

The theme of the caravan was "Japan's Foreign Policy and its Effect on the Asian Economic Outlook." In both San Diego and Los Angeles, speakers presented to local business-focused audiences: the Japan-America Society of Tijuana and San Diego nd the Japan America Society of Southern California. They also spoke to students, faculty, and administrators at the University of California at San Diego and the University of Southern California. For the most part, the Q&A sessions revealed that audiences were generally knowledgeable about foreign policy and enthusiastic about closer US-Japan ties.

As with all collaborative efforts, the three entities have their individual but complementary reasons for participating in the Caravans. NAJAS's interest lies in providing their Societies with non-local speakers and fresh views. The Embassy of japan is keen to explain Prime Minister Abe's foreign and economic policy to US audiences. Keidanren's motivating purpose is to familiarize Americans with the Japan Business Federation office in Washington, DC and to explain its mission in the United States and vision statement, "Japan: Land of Hope."

Beyond formal presentations, the group toured the Panasonic Disk Manufacturing facility in Torrance to see how blue ray disks are made, and toured the LA City Hall.

All three institutions were delighted to meet Dr. Inouye, the Honorary Consul-General in San Diego and very much appreciated the dinner hosted by Mr. Kodama, the Consul General of Los Angeles.
Program Dates: February 27, 2007 - March 1, 2007
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