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  Ensuring the US-Japan Relationship Remains Forefront

This is an opportunity to have a direct impact on strengthening understanding between the peoples of Japan and America at the grass-roots level and bring heightened focus to the ongoing importance of the US-Japan relationship.  A National Association Corporate Partner provides critical, ongoing, financial support that enables NAJAS to enhance communication within the Network and market much needed services to its nearly 40 member Societies.

As a Program or Event Sponsor, there is an opportunity to underwrite specific activities that can be delivered to the Association Network throughout North America.



Corporate Partners

2019 NAJAS Corporate Sponsors - Contribution Levels & Recognition

SILVER Sponsor: $10,000 per year

  • Corporate Logo posted on NAJAS Website Homepage [approximately 4,000 page views per month]
  • Listed on the sponsor page and linked to Sponsor's corporate website
  • Listed in NAJAS materials, including Brochure & Annual Report [Materials are distributed to the Member Societies on a regular basis, and in Japan through our US-Japan Future Forum program that involves key opinion leaders among Americans living and working in Japan.]
  • OOne person invited to one "Japan Update" event within the 12 months

GOLD Sponsor: $20,000 per year

  • SILVER Sponsor's benefits and
  • Recognized at NAJAS gatherings and NAJAS-sponsored events
  • One person invited to two additional "Japan Update" events within the 12 months

PLATINUM Sponsor: $40,000 per year

  • SILVER Sponsor's benefits and
  • Option to sponsor a page
  • Invited to NAJAS Annual Meeting
  • Recognized at all special events, as well as all other NAJAS sponsored gatherings.
  • Special promotional announcements sent through NAJAS Network listserv. [Audience includes local opinion leaders who are key players in the local Societies]
  • One person invited to all "Japan Update" events within the 12 months

Your contribution is tax deductible under the 501 (c) 3 provisions of the tax code.  EIN # is 13-2996432

Click here for a list of our Current Partners

Please download Sponsors Contribution Levels & Recognition.


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Contributing Associates

Annual Contribution: $5000 and above. 

Contributing Associates will be: 
            *Posted on the NAJAS Website
            *Recognized in printed materials

Your contribution is tax deductible under the 501 (c) 3 provisions of the tax code.  EIN # is 13-2996432

Click here for a list of our Current Contributing Associates

  Program or Event Sponsors

NAJAS seeks sponsors for programs, major annual events (Annual Meeting, State of the US-Japan Relationship Conference) and regional conferences.  For example,

            Goal:  to delivery programs that travel to member Societies.  Most Japan-America Societies do not have the resources to bring in business, political, government, academic or cultural/arts programs.  An important role that NAJAS can play is to be the overall administrator for multi-site programs.  Obtaining financial support to underwrite travel, lodging and other expenses is critical to the success of this effort.  Sponsors will be prominently recognized in all program printed and electronic materials.  Sponsorships can exclusive or shared with other sponsors. 

Example:  SPEAKER PROGRAMS.  Typically, a 1-2 speakers are asked to travel around to 2-3 Societies.

Possible themes:

  1. Japan and the US as partners in maintaining regional and global peace and security.
  2. Bio-science, technology and the delivery of heath care.
  3. The Arts, prioritizing contemporary musicians and artists.
  4. Responses to increasingly aging societies.
  5. Changing patterns of society:  historical & contemporary.
  6. The emerging leadership in US-Japan relations, by sector or a cross-section.
  7. “Cool Japan”:  bringing to the US, the creative forces behind Anime, Manga, J-Pop.
  8. The traditional Japanese Arts
  9. Other

Estimated cost for a Speaker Program:  $10,000 per site.  This includes average airfare, lodging, honorarium and administrative expenses.  Costs can vary considerably, depending on the speaker.


  For the list of these organizations, please go to individual programs/events from our Current Programs/Events page.


If your organization is interested in becoming a National Association Corporate Partner or Program Sponsor, please contact the President of NAJAS at:

1819 L Street, NW
Suite 800
Washington, DC 20036
Tel: (202) 429-5545
Fax: (202) 429-0027


  See also Membership for Japan-Related Organizations  


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