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Membership Criteria Guidelines for Japan-Related Organizations

  Membership Criteria Guidelines

1. The organization applying for membership in the National Association of Japan-America Societies, Inc. (NAJAS) should have a mission statement that is compatible with that of the Association and its member organizations, specifically:

  • to promote goodwill by educating its community about Japan through cultural, educational and public affairs programs
  • to provide a forum for impartial and informed discussion on the Japan-U.S. relationship; to provide a place for American and Japanese to meet their counterparts
  • to provide hospitality to the Japanese in residence in its community
  2. The organization should have an organizational structure capable of the professional administration of programs, membership, fundraising activities and fiscal matters.
  3. The organization should demonstrate its potential for growth in terms of community support and ability to attract new members.
  4. The organization should be prepared to enter into a cooperative partnership with the National Association and its member organizations as outlined in the previous page.

5. Documentation: organizations interested in seeking membership in the National Association will need to present the following documents to the National Association office for consideration:

a. completed National Association Basic Information Form
b. copy of the By-Laws of prospective member organization
c. documentation of 501 3 non-profit status
d. list of programs and activities of the past year
e. list of Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and other committees
f. a financial statement
g. current list of corporate membership

  For more information on membership for Japan-related organizations, please contact:


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