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Membership - Japan-Related Organizations

  Membership for Japan-Related Organizations

Membership for Japan-related organizations is offered for societies, university centers and museums that are dedicated to:

  • promoting goodwill by educating its community about Japan through cultural educational and public affairs programs;
  • providing a forum for impartial and informed discussion on the Japan-U.S. relationship; to provide a place for Americans and Japanese to meet their counterparts;
  • providing hospitality to the Japanese in residence in its community.
  For a complete list of current member societies/centers, please go to Japan-America Societies/Centers in the U.S.
  *If you are a private corporation interested in becoming a NAJAS member, please go to the How to support NAJAS page.

  Benefits and Obligations for Members

The National Association provides its members with:

  • limited financial support for programs and administration
  • guidance and administrative assistance on a variety of program possibilities throughout the year with workshops and speakers
  • organization of one national conference annually
  • promotion of the organization and its programs/events through the National Association's website
  • opportunities to share information, ideas and program resources with fellow member organizations (all member organizations' presidents are represented on the NAJAS board)

The National Association asks its members to:

  • acknowledge National Association assistance when rendered; this credit should be printed on program announcements and on program brochures or flyers
  • mention, in print, on appropriate organization literature (brochures, etc.) of membership in the National Association
  • pay an annual membership fee based on the budget size

  Membership Application

If your organization is interested in applying for membership in the National Association of Japan-America Societies, Inc. (NAJAS), please review the following;

  For more information on membership for Japan-related organizations, please contact:

  See also How to support NAJAS  


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