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  A Message from American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ)
  April 3, 2011

Dear Peter,

     Thank you very much for taking the time to stop by my office last week. The tragedy in northern Japan is certainly heart-wrenching and I was very pleased to see all the Japan-America Societies are doing to help alleviate some of the suffering. As I mentioned, the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan has remained open without interruption since the earthquake and tsunami struck on March 11. Some of our normal activities have been postponed and we are putting greater emphasis than ever on our role in getting good information out to our members. We have been in close and almost constant contact with the American Embassy and Japanese government agencies. And given he flood of misinformation that seems to occur naturally in such disaster situations, our ability to provide timely but still accurate information has been strongly appreciated.

     While we recognize that the ongoing problems at the Fukushima nuclear plant are very serious we are also confident that business can and should go on as much as usual for Tokyo and the parts of Japan not directly impacted. Concerns about radiation are real but they are also local. It will likely take weeks and perhaps even months before the situation at the site is fully under control. But in the meantime it is very important for the health of the Japanese economy and the strength of the Japanese-American bilateral relationship that we all keep moving forward with our plans and activities. It is critical at this time that we engage and not disengage. I am sure your member societies share this thinking. And I look forward to working with you and with NAJAS to continue to build even closer ties between our countries.

  Sam Kidder
  Executive Director
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